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Jay Trujillo

Creative Design/Direction

who's JAY?

I draw upon my experience in design, concept development and team management to bring a comprehensive and creative process to all projects.

With over 11 years working for ad agencies, start ups & various projects, I’m passionately committed to producing truly world-class creative results.

  • Direction4 yr
  • Web Design9 yr
  • UX Design7 yr
  • Print Design11 yr


Emil Games

Sr. Designer/Art Director. I took on creative direction and design for their desktop, mobile and web-based (facebook) games. Marketing/promotional materials such as ad campaigns, websites & investment decks were just some of the items I designed & maintained.

Creative Hierarchy

Founder/Creative Director. The creative collective of artists & developers take on projects like branding, marketing materials, ecommerce sites mobile apps as well as custom data-base driven software.

Employ Cafe

Senior Designer. More than just a job search engine, Employ Cafe sought to provide tools like live video interviews & video resumes. There I handled the design & direction for the online job search platform as well as all their marketing needs.

My Contact Card

Assistant Art Director/Senior Designer. MCC offered custom email marketing & email branding solutions offered for industries ranging from non-profit organizations to musicians/music labels & celebrities. I lead a team of designers under my department and provided a strategy & schedule for optimum efficiency & creativity.

Monarch Promotions

Designer/Marketing Assistant. Everything from T-shirt designs to custom made bobbleheads were part of Monarch repertoire. Creative design of marketing materials for both our clients as well as our own was my primary function.

Sciortino Advertising

Lead Designer. As lead designer I worked directly with my Art Director and was responsible for the design & layout of a quarterly magazine in addition to brand, print & web design projects.

Design Services


It is vital to have a unique & recognizable brand identity. My process starts with market research combined with creative strategy and timeless designs to ensure your brand reaches its intended audience.

Together, lets invest the time and energy it takes to ensure that your brand stands out!


Creative print collateral, package design, and digital advertising combined with a solid brand provides the groundwork on which to grow and flourish.

Lets bend your audience's ear with strategy, technology and print that will encourage growth.

Keep in mind , creativity inspires action!


The viewer/users experience is of the utmost importance in order to retain their attention.

An effective interface comes from ease of use combined with the clarity of information. Plus, its got to look good!

Some of Jay's Work

Heyo! This is the portfolio of Jay Trujillo, a small collection of some of his more noteworthy work. Jay specializes in innovative & creative design, driven by his passion for working on challenging projects with soul. Projects ranging from logo designs and print materials to all-encompassing web platforms and digital marketing initiatives.

HMU? Contact

OR... You can email me anytime.
In a hurry? Give Me A Call.

  • jaytrujillo42@gmail.com
  • 702-529-1420

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